How to Choose the Best SEO Company for Your Business

How to Choose the Best SEO Company for Your Business

Ranking for keywords and driving traffic (for free) is obviously valuable. But getting to the point where you?re consistently driving search engine traffic isn?t always easy. Some folks can do it themselves?that?s great! But for many businesses, SEO is a convoluted process with strange terminology that is far from straightforward.

SEO Companies aims to simplify that process. We hope this blog helps you find the company that best suits your needs.

Factors to Consider

Your Budget

Your budget is the biggest factor in choosing an SEO company. Some companies charge thousands of dollars per month. Other companies do one-off audits for under $1,000.

A budget that?s too small may be limiting. SEO takes a considerable investment, depending on your industry and your needs.

Your Biggest Needs

Search engines have hundreds (probably thousands) of factors in their algorithm. Figure out the strategies that will be most helpful for your website.

Here are 4 common reasons websites don’t rank well.

  1. Poor strategy – Keyword research and prioritizing your targets is important, as is knowing how to best target them. Some keywords need blogs. Others need product category pages.
  2. Thin content – Some websites don?t have enough content. To rank well, you need a breadth of helpful content that targets your keywords (e.g. blogs and products/services).
  3. Links – Links are like job references. A good reference passes authority. Links do, too. A reference from Elon Musk would be impressive. Likewise, a link from the Huffington Post tells search engines your content is valuable.
  4. Meta tags – Search engines need to understand your content. Meta tags help them interpret content. The title tag is the most important meta tag. More on title tags below.

Company Location

Do you need to work with a company near you? Some companies want to work locally or regionally. We recommend finding the best company in the US, regardless of location. However, every business is different, and if you need to filter by location, by all means, find a company near you.

Learn About SEO

SEO is confusing. But the more knowledge you bring to the table, the better you?ll be able to vet your SEO company.

Here are 3 SEO concepts you should know.

  1. Keyword research – This is the process of identifying and prioritizing keywords to target. Look for keywords that are frequently searched, have low competition, and are relevant to your products or services.
  2. Content marketing – Content helps you carry out your keyword strategy. Relevant content that?s helpful to users and quickly gets them the information they need is best.
  3. Title tags – SEO?s most important ?meta tag? is the title tag. These tags are read by search engines. They help search engines understand your content. Each page should have a unique title tag with keywords to make sure search engines know what your page is about.

If you?re not on a mobile device, hover over your browser tab to view this blog?s title tag.

This is our homepage?s title tag?

Understanding even just a little about basic SEO concepts will help you find companies that are legitimate.

Establish a Mutual Understanding of Expectations

Ask companies what they recommend, what you should expect, and on what timeline.

SEO takes time. There?s no way around it. Generating content (literally writing it) takes time. Search engines evaluating new content also takes time.

After Google indexes a new blog, the ranking process begins. New pages generally take 6-12 months to work through algorithms before ranking normalcy sets in.

This turnaround time may indicate your efforts aren?t working. It?s possible, but the ranking process can be misleading and takes considerable time.

Be sure you and your SEO company are clear on expectations.

Wrapping Up

To find a good SEO company, understand your needs. Take a step beyond ?we need to rank for keywords? to understand a little about the SEO process.

Some companies are going to be better than others at content. Some will be better than others with big e-commerce websites.

A little up-front research will go a long way in getting the most value out of your SEO company.

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